If you are one of those people who are constantly thinking how the world will look like when it comes to the technological evolution, you need to know that there are two points of view, just like a coin has got two sides.

It is sure that people will look and behave in the same way as they do now, but there are certain technological achievements that will certainly affect behaviors and generally some of them will affect people in the way they work and in the way they treat other people. So, it is sure that we must have in mind that the near future will certainly be different, but this should not affect us in a bad way.

One of the first things that will change in a dramatic way is for sure the change in the way that we will work. Many things and features in our jobs will be working with the help of artificial intelligence and this is something that will definitely help us to perform things faster than we used to.

A recent report that was done by the Institute for the Future and is called Information Generation: Transforming the Future Today, says that this would be an ideal future technological evolution. Rachel Maguire, a research director of the Institute that was mentioned above highlighted some things among many others and mentioned some specific things if something will not go as it was planned: “Well that’s the dance that’s happening now. We’re in the age of omnipresence, so the question is, can we solve for the privacy issue so we and future generations can enjoy the benefits of technology?”

5 Key Directional Shifts

There are 5 key directional shifts that the Institute mentions that will happen in the next 10 years. The first one has to do with the information economy. This means that any kind of information that will be derived by all people will be cached or sold for some money to people who will be generally benefit from. The commerce will definitely play an important role and the way that it will help all kinds of societies for example to the transfer of genomic data.

A second directional shift that will definitely affect our lives is the amount of technological devices that will help us to be connected any time that we want it and in any place that we might be. In the next decade we will be able to see connected devices for cars and bicycles to cooking pots and toasters.

The third big change will be done in the information generation that will definitely affect the augmented decision making and Maguire said about it: “Tech leaders increasingly are saying that we’re moving to a world where employees with smart decision-support systems in the workplace. We’re not talking about job displacement by AI (artificial intelligence) robots. We’re talking about having workplace tools that let us do our jobs better.”

The fourth shift is called “multi- sensory communication” and an example for that is definitely the famous Apple Watch and the fifth shift looks like the first one and has to do with cryptographic breakthroughs that will come to us from a reality that is no other than hacking in a daily basis.

All of the above key directional shifts can be used both in a beneficial and in a bad way and it certainly is up to us to use them every way we want. So, take a moment and think of all the above details and think of the future in an optimistic way and everything will go as planned.

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