Nowadays, the world has become a lot more connected. People tend to share content with friends and colleagues, even with people they merely know – or don’t even know! This means that there is a lot of information shared on a daily basis. The more the shared data, the bigger the chances of privacy breach. Even though we tend to think that privacy is a matter to consider individually, there is the impact of shared content that we often ignore or underestimate.

According to recent studies, people have been questioning the quality of privacy offered to them online and especially via social media platforms. The information shared is no longer private and instead it is in the hands of many different users. You may be conscious of the hazards, but it does not change the fact that someone else may not be as considerate.

People have begun realizing the dangers of over-exposing themselves online. Indeed, the more they share, the more concerned they are about the consequences. This does not have a serious effect on how they share, though. When there is a need to share experiences and thoughts with others, the need is more overwhelming than any potential threat.

Particularly in the younger generations, users understand the risks and go ahead with using the same patterns. As the years go by, users become more aware and hopefully this offers the ground that is required for better overall online privacy.

What needs to be done is for the social media platforms to include built-in applications aiming at the strengthening of online privacy. Smart strategies should be put into effect, so as to make things better and easier for the users. Since new needs emerge, it is in the hands of scientists and computer experts to make the most out of collaborative privacy and security online!

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