A really common question that comes into almost everyone’s minds is of course the one that has to do with spy agencies that work for the government and how much access must have to data that considered being personal.

The cause for this article is the need of the United States’ President, Barak Obama, to have a report that will give him the answers that he looks for, regarding the encryption strategy that these kinds of companies use and the way that the companies which create devices which can give access to their customers to the web, protect their customers from hackers.

In simple words, it is sure that the mass surveillance of the Internet usage and telephone calls from the United States opposes the world public opinion. According to the International Amnesty and to an extensive survey on the occasion of the launch of the global campaign that is called #UnfollowMe, it has been proved that most of the American turn against the spy agencies and against to all the organisms that work for the government and do the exact same thing.

According to the poll, which was addressed to 15,000 people from 13 countries of all continents, the 71% of respondents were strongly opposed with the supervision of Internet use by the United States. Furthermore, nearly two thirds said that they demand the technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, to provide secure communications in order to prevent government access and so they do not blame the government to the fullest.

Back in the June of 2013 it was revealed that the National Security organism of the United States had the permission from the government to spy the use of the Internet and also many phone calls to 193 countries from all over the world. It was definitely something that enrage many people worldwide from simple individuals to people with strong and strategic places in their countries.

The senior administrator of the government office and his team is obligated to give this month a report that will refer to all the above facts and will explain in simple words everything to the president. He said: “We want to enable him to make some decisions and strategic choices about this very critical issue that has so many strategic implications, not just for our cyber security but for law enforcement and national security, economic competitiveness overseas, foreign relations, privacy and consumer security.”

From all the above, it is really easy to understand that the creation of a new law that will include all of the above is slim and that this action requires a lot of months in order for everyone to become familiar with every little detail that has to do with encryption codes, spy agencies and of course the policies that all the huge technology companies include.

If something like that will about to happen, it is sure that it will divide the Congress members and many leaks will be done in order to harm people that have an opposite opinion. Do not forget that encryption technology is something that evolves every single minute and it is really difficult to always be updated.

As Donna Dodson, the chief cyber security adviser at the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technologies said: The basic question is, is it possible to design a completely secure system, to hold a master key available to the U.S. government but not adversaries?” It is definitely something that will not find the fans that it requires, but it will definitely satisfy a great percentage of people.

As you can easily understand it is something that is possible to be done but no government will give the permission to anyone to do it due to strategic issues.

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