India has blocked the Torrents website. It will now be harder to download anything from this site from India.  But what does this mean to the lover of Torrents? Does it mean that using this website is now unlawful?  We will try to answer these questions next.

Torrents downloads – are they unlawful now?

India is now one of the nations that have prohibited use of Torrents. The Department of Telecommunications is so serious about this. It has threatened its citizens from accessing the site. They cannot download files from it. DoT has even gone ahead to ask Indians not to dare visit any other blocked website.

Since India has not been so good at preventing copyright breach, it has become a cozy place for piracy. As well, it is a common hub for torrents downloads. That’s why the new law is here to stay. From now on, downloading torrents is illegal.

Consequences of breaching the new law

DoT has made torrents downloads illegal. Do not sin. If you get caught, you will indeed go to prison for three years. There will also be a big fine of up to 4,500 US dollars. The government of India is this harsh about piracy and copyright issues.

Can I still download files from Torrent?

Whether you believe it or not, torrents do not work in India anymore. But what if you love torrents and want to access it? In that case, you should use VPN (or any other good one). It will keep you anonymous when browsing blocked websites. As well, you could use p2p file sharing without fear. Also, you may download, upload or share your favorite files. As you already know the penalty for breaching the law, use encrypted connections only. VPN – How to set it up

  • Create an account with the VPN.
  • Download and install on your phone or PC.
  • Select the Smart Purpose Selection. It will let you pick your favorite server location. Pick the nearest server location to enjoy fast and flawless performance.
  • Click the connect button and enjoy.

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