The Internet of Things is the connection of various devices that leads to their interaction, without any physical presence and action taking place. According to a report from Gartner, over 25 billion devices will have been connected to the IoT and this is definitely an astonishing number to contemplate. Nobody can argue that the Internet of Things has been growing exponentially, with the world coming to realize just how great the potential can be for such conveniences occurring to modern societies.

However, along with the practical nature and the comfort that can derive from such an interconnection, the risks increase as well! Let us have a closer look at the major threats and problems that can deteriorate your overall user experience, as a result of the IoT increase. In this way, we will know what we are up against!

Major Negative Consequences of IoT

  • DDoS Attacks with Serious Threats: It makes total sense that DDoS attacks are going to be harder to control, with the increase of IoT. The infection will be spreading like the plague and, unless we find an effective cure, there will be lots of casualties. It is intimidating to keep in mind the fact that it only takes a single infected device to spread the damage to all the rest and multiply the problems in a heartbeat.
  • Vulnerable Devices Will Become Targets: There are several devices that have been known to be vulnerable against attacks and hacks. These will be the primary targets of the IoT increase. For instance, Smart TVs and web cameras have been proven to experience vulnerabilities, when it comes to security. As a result, it will be really difficult to isolate these devices or control them fully.
  • Proper Protection Options for Every Device: Every patient is different and the same goes to the devices that we use. It is needless to point out the obvious, which is none other than the need to identify the best cure and protective measures for each and every single device. If we do not act like that and if we focus on using the same remedy for each device, the results will not be that encouraging!
  • Problems with Small to Medium Businesses: It will take a lot of time and resources for the right kind of defensive system to be adapted by businesses everywhere. If a business does not have the human resources and the money required to invest in IoT demands, it will be harder for them to tackle with the ongoing problems. Cyberattacks will be truly damaging and they will prevent them from being kept competitive at a global scale.

From everything that has been mentioned above, you can clearly comprehend why it is crucial for the proper attention to be drawn to the impact of Internet of Things. Even though it is a great breakthrough that has managed to facilitate a lot of functions online, it is at the same time a threat that can take extreme dimensions and cause problems beyond imagination. These future predictions related to security of devices can act as stimulants, in avoidance of such negative consequences that are likely to happen!

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