The National Telecommunications & information Administration has completed a report, with some very important conclusions. According to the report, an increasing number of citizens may stop using the Internet due to the privacy breaches and the intrusive nature of the government. About 45% of Americans agree that privacy loss is an existing fear.

The recent court order regards the Internet as a utility and this makes it easier to control with regulatory rules from the government. Of course, nobody can deny that the Internet has become a necessity for the vast majority of people nowadays. However, does this justify stronger control over the Internet and potential privacy loss?

At the same time, everyone agrees that this court order is about to make the fears of citizens even more intense than before. There are people who do not proceed with financial transactions online (29%), do not complete online purchases (26%) or post on social media (26%) or even express their own, personal opinion online (19%). These percentages are concerning, to say the least.

People seem to be mostly afraid of identity theft and the consequences it can have for them. Credit card fraud comes next among the major fears of the Internet. Data collection from third parties and loss of control over sensitive data are also intense fears among Internet users. Even in a hostile environment like this, though, the benefits of the Internet outweigh the losses.

If you want to make the most out of your Internet activities and not jeopardize your security, you need to take some safety measures:

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi and especially if you are interested in completing banking transactions
  • Use the banking apps available, instead of choosing third parties
  • Be cautious as to what you post online
  • Do not overshare
  • Take into consideration the fact that others might not be as cautious online as you
  • Sign up to an identity theft protection service
  • Use a VPN for encryption of your data
  • Do not open suspicious emails and do not click on dubious links
  • Always use strong passwords

Follow these instructions and you will see that the Internet is not as unsafe as some claim it to be. Of course, nobody said that you can get away with negligence online. But with the proper safety measures into effect, you will manage to eliminate all threats concerning lack of privacy.

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