It has been published that EU has told Google to erase some links that referred to some peoples’ lives as they seemed to be slightingly for some Hollywood celebrities. The lawsuits have been filed by these Hollywood stars due to the fact that some links and sites are showing them naked. This suing definitely makes no real sense, as Google is not responsible for all the issues that may arise every now and then.

These people must have in their mind that people who are doing such actions are accountable and Google is not obligated to know every single one of them and this is the reason why everything that is posted on the web is not the responsibility of Google owners. Celebrities who are suing Google for reasons like the one that was mentioned above, do not think that by suing Google at the same time they give to it extra power as it will not be long until Google owners ask for even more access to the contents of the web. It is definitely something that must not be done as no one will feel free to express and write everything he thinks and believes.

It is really easy to understand that if someone decides to publish something on the web that is offensive to other people, you cannot blame Google about. You need to turn to the specific web sites or you can even ask for Google’s help in order to help you locate the person who did it. Of course, there is the possibility to many sites to publish the same thing, but even in this case is not Google’s fault even if it tried to erase it quickly. So, as you can easily understand celebrities sue Google because they are targeting to the large amounts of money that these company has.

It is sure not a great idea to give such power to Google. On the other hand, the idea of cyber censorship is not something that anyone wants to experience. Do not forget that Google is a company that acts strictly professionally and it would want to have the access that it desires but it will certainly does not want for its users to think it as Internet police even though they could gain thousands and millions of dollars. If such power will be given to them, it is sure that they would lose a plethora of their users and other search engines will take their place. Google will not accept to be in the second or into any other place than the first one when it comes to the best search engines.

In conclusion, if you are a celebrity pr even if you are a person who is just offended from some links, articles and sites do not blame Google and gather all of your energy in order to find the actual “criminal” or the owners of the site that have publish it. Apart from Google, there are many organisms and companies that are able to help you to this effort of yours and do not forget that they will do anything as they are looking for good clients too.

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