There is a new net neutrality law from the European Union. It will continue to allow internet service providers to throttle BitTorrent.

The ISPs will do this only to control fast lanes. There were public protests when the EU passed this law. The protesters claimed that the new law was against the internet privacy.

It is a good thing that the European Union has now adopted the amendments of the net neutrality law. This happened after the action of the activist groups. They created the EU Slowdown campaign. There were more than fifty thousand people in that campaign. They appeared to answer questions about net neutrality.  

The new net neutrality law will turn Europe into a Single Telecom Market. Even after the amendments, the ISPs will continue to throttle BitTorrent. This will affect users of Torrents. It will be harder to download or upload torrent files.

Also, the new law will let Internet Service Providers put Fast lanes on sale. In other words, if you use fast lanes you will incur a charge. As well, the law will block access to given sections of the internet for business reasons.  More about this is in the Section 3(3) of the net neutrality law.

Stopping ISP throttling

All you need is a quality VPN like It will let you go against ISP throttling and access the restricted parts of the internet. It is quick and performs so well.

It will be easy to just relax and enjoy flawless live shows and programs. And the best part is that you will be anonymous. With Ivacy VPN, you can forget about ISP throttling.

Setting up your VPN

A VPN helps you surf with a lot of privacy. It puts you on a privacy mode over the internet. So you need to set it up now. Here is the way to do it.

  • First, you should sign up to have a VPN account.
  • The download the VPN app.
  • Go to the Smart Purpose Selection and choose the nearest server location.
  • Click Connect and start browsing.

The VPN gets ready to work once you configure it.  So, even if the new net neutrality law allows ISP throttling, you have a solution.

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