The internet is a great tool for keeping in touch with your social life, as well as catching up on the news or collaborating with your colleagues at work. There are many different uses of the internet and this is why it is of wonderful importance for most people nowadays.

However, this tool is not perfectly safe and you need to be on constant alert as to the imminent dangers that you will be forced to confront with online. Sometimes it is really easy to get carried away and give out personal information, although they are aware of the risks. At the same time, it is frequent for many people to ignore some of the most usual mistakes that can lead to negative consequences for their online security.

Luckily for you, there are enough pieces of information that you can benefit from towards avoiding such mistakes. If you know what leads to disaster, it is much easier to avoid such patterns and instead go for something else that is harmless or even beneficial to your online privacy. So, let’s have a look at what you need to pay attention to for covering your back online:

Mistakes Harming Online Privacy

  • Use Public Computers: This is definitely one of the major threats for your online privacy, as Microsoft has published as well. If you share personal data on a public computer, you increase the risk of someone else accessing the very same data. Especially if you do not remember to log out before leaving the public computer, you risk a great deal of your private information being accessible by total strangers.
  • GPS and Other Tracking Software: If you activate the GPS or other tracking software on your computer or mobile phone, it will collect a lot of your personal details. This can harm your overall online privacy and reveal where you are located at all times. Equally important is for you to monitor the freedom that you give out to other apps that you might use on your phone, as far as your location is concerned.
  • No Cookies Erased: Cookies are installed on your computer by many sites that you visit, including the popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This is the best way for the sites to know what you are interested in and adjust the ads sent out to you. So, it is of indisputable importance for you to delete the cookies from your device on a regular basis.
  • Use Public Wi-Fi: It can be really convenient to use a public Wi-Fi connection for socializing with your friends while you are away from your home or office. Still, this can cause a lot of problems. According to Symantec and its Senior Director of Cyber Security Services Peter Sparkes: “Free and unknown Wi-Fi connections can compromise your machine or mobile devices. It is safer to use corporate Wi-Fi connections but any unknown connections can be a risk.”
  • No Log-Out: It is more convenient to remain logged in to your Facebook account or your email all the time. Nevertheless, it can be dangerous and there can be leakage of your sensitive data. So, you are encouraged to make use of tools such as Disconnect to increase your online privacy and always remain safe.

These are habits that are quite frequent among internet users and can cause a lot of problems related to online security. So, you need to think twice and try to modify your online behavior according to the demands that are orientated towards protecting you. Do not compromise your online protection and your online privacy for the shake of your comfort and convenience – in the long run, this will raise a lot of problems that will put you in a difficult situation that requires extra effort, attention and a lot of problems!

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