There are growing concerns among members of the general public and government officials in the UK amidst news that the rate of cyber attacks in the country is increasing at an alarming rate.

Official figures from the GCHQ indicate that the UK has suffered about 200 incidents of high-level cyber attacks in the recent months.

The GCHQ further adds that all these high-level attacks have originated from state-sponsored hackers.

The announcement by the GCHQ has triggered a flurry of activities in the country, with leading political parties making a formal request to the government to deal with the threat that the country is facing.

Interestingly, the GCHQ has been categorical that the majority of the attacks that the country if facing originate from Russia and China.

According to Ciaran Martin, who is the head of cyber security at the agency, the nature of complexity and sophistication exhibited by the hackers shows that they are professional hackers who operate under the aegis of a form of state sponsorship program.

Russia and china are yet to comment on the recent allegations by the GCHQ. However, in the past, Russia has denied the allegations that it has been sponsoring hackers to carry out sophisticated cyberattacks against governments.

In the UK case, it has been alleged that Russian and Chinese hackers are looking for defence secrets to steal.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has claimed that in the recent past, the GCHQ has had to grapple with an unprecedented number of hacking attacks, all originating from state-sponsored hackers.

The GCHQ has opened a new cyber security centre in a bid to counter the wave of cyber attacks that the country is facing. The new centre is expected to be the nerve centre of the counter-attack operations of the GCHQ in the future.

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