Almost every single person on this planet is involved in the social media and especially young people who the need of the communication is so high that they constantly want to know new people.

It is sure that two of the most popular social media are Twitter and Facebook that both of them include chat rooms and other features that give their users the chance to communicate with others. Unfortunately both of them have some kinds of issues concerning the safety of the accounts of the users due to the fact that they have blank spots which are really attractive to hackers.

If you are a fan of Twitter, you already know that in order to create an account there you need to write some of your personal data such as your name, your address or even a telephone number. In order to protect the above personal information and some others that you might have included, there are some certain rules that need to be followed.

Reasons Not to Trust All Twitter Accounts

Creating a Twitter account is really easy and it does not require any more than a few minutes in order to be completed. Do not think that all the people that create accounts there, put their true personal data. This means that there are a lot of fake accounts in there that their only purpose is to harm some people or simply they want to remain anonymous. As you can easily understand anyone is able to create a fake account so anyone could appear to be another person than the one that appear in the Twitter account and that is the reason why you must not trust any account.


Twitter has managed to attract millions of people from all over the world and this is something that attracted the Interest of many other similar companies which tried to steal Twitter’s users by creating pages with similar names. So, if you do not use a Twitter account and you want to create one as soon as possible, you need to register in and not in any other one that appears to have similar characteristics or similar domain name.

Reorganize Your Twitter Account

If you are one of those who already have a Twitter account, make sure that all of your followers or all of the people that you follow are trustful and do not allow any third parties to have any kind of access to your account. If you have followers that you do not know, it is time to clear them and by saying clear we mean to delete them in order to be safe.

The Importance of Strong Passwords

Strong passwords must exist in every kind of account that you may create and if you do not understand the meaning of strong, you need to know that you need to think of passwords that cannot be guessed. It is a common phenomenon for users to that the passwords that many people use are usually birthday dates or even the number of their mobiles and as you can understand it is really easy for everyone to have access to your personal account. So, think hard of the next password that you are going to use!

Think Twice When You Are about to Share Personal Data

When you think of Twitter, think it as a large public area full of people who are able to see you and hear everything that you say. So, when you are about to publish something on Twitter think that this kind of publish can be seen by all the people you follow and it is possible all of these people to not be considered as friends but as fake ones.

What about Public Wi-Fi Networks?

The use of a public Wi-Fi network is always unsafe and it is really important to have this clear in your mind. Just have in mind that you do not have to be a master mind when it comes to computers and servers in order to have access into any account if a user is connected through a public Wi-Fi Network.

Last but not least, VPN services is all that it take in order to surf and connect on Twitter anonymously and without giving anyone the chance to have any kind of access to your account. Some of the most popular VPN services are the HideMyAssPro and Private Internet Access. From all the above, you can easily understand that keeping your Twitter account safe is not something that needs effort but it is something that needs smart thinking!

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