Let’s start with me saying I don’t know your life. But, if for some reason or the other you take what we shall call ‘private’ pictures, perhaps for a significant other, then it goes without saying you want them to remain private.

Life has a way of making us regret our moments of stupidity. The universe is unforgiving and if you take racy pictures there is a huge chance that they will end up in the wrong hands. It then goes without saying that you should not take potentially image decimating photographs. Before you find a nice angle and click away, think, imagine what that photo falling into the wrong hands can do.

But since I don’t know your life, and am your reliable go-to guy for all things security and privacy online, here are three ways to reduce the chances of your photos falling into wrong hands.

Delete, delete, delete

The thing with racy photos is that they are taken in a moment of temporary loss of responsibility. Now, if that happens, delete the photos as soon as you get your wits back about you. Delete from the camera roll as well as from the conversation where the photos were shared.

In addition, if you have allowed your photos to back up on Dropbox for example, go there and delete them as well. That way you will ensure that the photos are wiped from the reach of eyes you do not want to see.

Disable auto-upload

Technology cuts both ways like a double-edged sword. In the same breath we get convenience which at times comes at the cost of privacy. That is why when auto-upload for i-Phones for example can broadcast your racy pictures to all and sundry.

Make sure that you uncheck auto-upload not only because it takes away the power to manage your exposure but also because it can cost a lot if you are on ISP data bundles. I hate to imagine what would happen if your i-Phone synced with the Macbook which your family member is using.

Never surf on public Wi-Fi unprotected

We all love free internet. That’s why many people flock cafes with fast but free Wi-Fi. Well, if there are hackers on the network and you happen to be surfing ‘raw’ then you might as well upload your racy pictures on public sites as well.

Hackers will intercept traffic, sift through for anything useful then exploit that for their own gain. Now, what happens if that text with a racy picture gets intercepted and that photo is sold to an adult site.

Think about your friends, your family, your career. To avoid that make sure that you always surf under protection of a VPN. That way your traffic is encrypted and therefore useless to an interceptor.

Ultimately you should take care of your private pictures if you have some. Anything other than that is careless.

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