A keylogger is something that could put your privacy and security at risk. Make sure you learn more about it. Otherwise, you could suffer like Joe Lopez. This is a Florida-based entrepreneur who took the Bank of America to court.

The bank had misplaced his $90000. The money appeared to be somewhere in Latvia. After conducting an investigation, Coreflood was the cause. Coreflood is a keylogger Trojan.

The first thing is to introduce a keylogger to a computer. After this, a keylogger keeps the record of all activities you do on your computer. Then it sends it to a malicious server. Keyloggers can be either software or hardware. A hardware keylogger is an item you can connect to a keyboard port. It will then intercept every keystroke data you enter.

Since it is easy to detect a hardware keylogger, malicious people don’t like it. They prefer the software version that is hard to detect. Since you have a clue, how can you protect yourself? The following are simple methods to use.

A password manager

As a keylogger must intercept your keystrokes, it only records the data you have typed. Instead of typing your passwords, you can use a password manager. It will save important and sensitive passwords for you. The password manager will open your account and let you in. So you will not type anything. You should make use of the LastPass or 1Password. They are ideal for all devices.


A keylogger is a malware. While some keyloggers are legitimate, others are illegal and harmful. To keep aware from malicious keyloggers, you need an anti-malware. Your Malwarebytes program should be current. There is reliable evidence that the Malwarebytes software blocks any kind of keyloggers.

Keep your eyes open

The best way to keep your computer system safe is to be careful. When you want to download files, ensure the sources are safe. As well, avoid clicking links in your spam emails.  Above all, be watchful of your computer. Inspect it daily to locate any hardware that someone could have attached. Always run a current anti-virus and use it to scan your system often.

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