If you are a fan of Kickass Torrents and if you have been downloading the latest series, movies and music online using the specific website, you have to be careful. It seems that both Chrome and Firefox have been alerting visitors of Kickass, since they have detected phishing content.

So, even if you consider your Internet connection to be safe and secured, do not take any chances. If you click on a suspicious link, you may download malicious content on your device or share your private information with those who you should be protecting yourself from.

There is a warning on both the browsers that have addressed the problem, informing people that there is a deceptive site ahead. In this way, users are prevented from actually pulling through their downloading activities on Kickass Torrents.

Even though the site might seem safe to you and you may think that the browsers are overreacting, you ought to be vigilant as to the extent of damage that phishing attacks may do to you. Dangerous behavior will be promoted and you may not even realize that you have shared your sensitive data (financial account information, login credentials and so on).

The Kickass Torrents team has addressed the issue and they are working on getting it fixed. According to their own words, they are checking the links and doing anything required for restoring the safe environment that has been characterizing Kickass so far: “In order to improve users’ security, we are wrapping every external link in confirmation window and this time google alert is referring to a wrapped link that has been posted in our community. We’ve blocked that site thus rendering those external links unusable. We’ve reported it to google and expecting this security alert soon to be lifted,”

So, it seems that the worst has passed for now, but Kickass Torrents will have to strengthen its safety precautions right away.

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