If you have promised yourself that for the year of 2015 you will change things in a better way for your life it is sure that you need to start changing things from your “online behavior”.

Start browsing through the web with safety and security and you will see that you will have nothing to be afraid of. If you read the following article, you will have the chance to learn some really important tips and adopt some really good security habits regarding online safety combined with new technologies.

All about Adware Blockers Available for Browsers

It is sure that Adware can appear in many and different kinds of forms. They can appear through advertisements, pictures and many other features and what they actually do is to be automatically installed in your cookies in order to be able to record all of your online activities and promote to you advertisements or messages that you would definitely be interested for. So, if you install an Adware blocker to your computer it is sure that all of the above will be prevented. Some of the most popular Blockers are the Adblock Plus Firefox, the Adblock Plus Chrome and the Adblock Safari.

Services for Anonymous Email

If you think that Microsoft, Gmail and Yahoo are ideal for you to hide your identity, you need to think again and you will realize that there is nothing better that using anonymous email services such as AnonEmail and drop.io.

The Famous Cookie Blockers

As you already know, some of e most dangerous hacking attacks are performed through the Cookies section and this is the reason why, you need to use Cookie Blockers in order to stop being spied and browse safely. If you are wondering of which is the best and most powerful Cookie Blocker, try BetterPrivacy and you will be amazed.

Scan Web Pages and Clean Up Your Device

It is known that cleaning up your device regularly is the best way to be protected from all kinds of threats. One of the best cleaning up services is the BleachBit. Another way that you can use for better online protection is definitely to install an application that will have the ability to scan the web pages in order to find if they include threats and viruses. Such kind of application is the Ghostery.

Creating Strong Passwords and Track Me Not Tools

The creation of strong passwords are sometimes what it takes in order to be absolutely safe on the web, but it is sure that creating a different password for plenty accounts is definitely difficult to remember. You do not have to worry about it because there are plenty of tools that you can use to do this job for you and two of them are the PwdHash and the Password Chart. On the other hand, the Trck Me Not tools are able to help their users to hide their actual Internet history section and protect them from any kind of spying attempt from third parties. One of the best of such kinds of tools that many people use worldwide is definitely the TrackMeNot tool.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

One out of two people worldwide are using Facebook in order to communicate with other people from all over the world, but only a few of them have involved with the security settings of the specific social media. It includes settings that are able to protect you from people who just want to harm you in any way. The only thing that you need to do is to visit Facebook’s Privacy Guide and read all about it.

All of the above new technology tools are able to help you be protected online and that is why you need to try them at least once. Their installation is really easy and everyone can do it!

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