If you live in China, you may have heard of the “Golden Shield project” (also known as the “Great firewall of China”). The Ministry of public security of the government of China uses this project as the main instrument for applying Internet censorship and block access to unfavorable foreign sites.

There are some free websites available on which you can enter a website address and it will test and return results on whether the requested web address is available in China (meaning that it’s not being blocked by the firewall of China).

One of the services which is being blocked by the China firewall is the Gmail service.It is unfortunate that this fast, safe and above all easy to use email service provided by Google is not available to the residents of China.

Well, if you need to access Gmail you should not worry, as there are solutions available for making this possible. The most favorable solution is the use of a VPN service while there is also the option of the DNS change. Let’s go through these options

Use VPN for accessing Gmail in China

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the solution used for encoding data transmitted over an open network. It works by directing users through servers located all over the world, giving them the option to pick a server / IP address from a different location so that it appears as they are connecting from a location other than their current one. So, how can you proceed with this solution?

First, you will need to register with a site that offers VPN services – we recommend hide.me VPN. You will have the option to pick from any VPN server belonging to a censorship-free country, based on your needs, so it will then appear as if you are connecting to the Internet from that country. Afterwards, you will be able to open Gmail and freely enjoy this useful email service for communicating with other users all over the world.

Unblock Gmail in China by DNS change

Changing the DNS server you use is another option for accessing Gmail while you are located in China. There are a few manual steps to take for utilizing this solution, which are the following:

You need to access the web interface of your router and change the DNS server settings you use. So, have the router login credentials at hand and proceed with this change but also keep in mind that if you wish, you have the option to set a specific DNS server to be used for each of your devices. You will have to enter the advanced configuration options of your router for completing this task. Here’s a complete guide on the topic for you.

Finally, I would recommend the use of a VPN service for accessing Gmail from China, as the VPN connection offers security and better protection against malicious attacks on the top its capability to let you unblock sites.

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