A new survey’s findings are funny. Some participants would stop having sex for a year in exchange for cyber safety. About 4 in 10 Americans said they would quit sex to feel safer online forever. In this internet survey, 2000 adults participated. The lead researcher was Harris Poll. He works for Dashlane — a password management company. All adults were over 18 years. The results of the late October survey came out on Thursday.

Sex is a basic human desire. But in this survey, thirty-nine percent said they would quit it. Quitting to them seemed easier than facing a hacker. Technology has an impact on people’s desire to have sex. For instance, streaming online media leads to decline in longing to get intimate. This is according to a dependable research. As much as people love the internet, they fear hacking a lot. They are so fearful that they can stop engaging in sex for a year. It appears that giving up sex would be easier than being responsible when browsing.

Even if there has been a torrent of violations, people continue to take the risk online. This includes the use of weak passwords, as Dashlane’s CEO revealed. A data security threat is more serious than your choice of passwords, though. It is alarming and hard to solve. There was a massive hacking on Sunday. It affected around 412 million accounts from Adult Friend Finder. This site claims to be the biggest sex and swinger online community. Earlier this autumn, Yahoo experienced a serious breach. This affected half a billion of its customer accounts. Just last month, some IoT websites suffered a massive DDoS attack.

Thirty-four percent of men participants said they would stop having sex for a year. This is if they would enjoy safe browsing forever. Forty-four percent of women said the same thing. Some of these were middle-aged and older folks, of course. It was shocking to learn that even the younger population fears hackers. Two of every 5 of younger generation internet users were ready to give up sex for a whole year. The Dashlane’s conclusion was that people should use stronger passwords. Also, Dashlaine said that users should stop using their anniversary and birthday dates. They make weaker passwords. Also, it cautions against using just one password on many sites.

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