A recent report conducted by the G Data Security Labs has showed that the malware industry is growing on the Android OS, reaching an alarming rate. At the same time, it is also becoming more profitable in terms of money. According to that report, about 2 million new malware strains will be released throughout this year and this will be due to various reasons.

First of all, Google’s Android OS is very popular, since as far as smartphone and tablet operating systems are concerned, it holds the largest market share. Furthermore, an increase in the e-banking and online shopping from a device using Android OS has been noticed. These facts can help you realize why the vulnerabilities of this OS are being targeted with ultimate goal to get access to financial resources of citizens like bank accounts and credit cards.

A large amount of smartphone owners in Europe and America will use their phone for their banking transactions while according to researches, at least half of the internet users across the world are making online purchases from time to time. This is making both the malware producers and the security companies to focus on this vast audience and invest time and money.

Security and Protection

Sticking with the Google Play store for getting the apps you need, will help you stay on the malware-free zone as there are significant dangers when downloading and installing illegal apps or apps from an unknown provider. Additional, you should definitely consider installing an antivirus program as it will assist in tightening up the security of your device.

Next to third party apps, you should also be aware of the dangers which lay on banners of false-advertising apps. Clicking on such a banner may open the door for a malicious attack on your system, with surprising results as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) can silently transmit your private data to unknown sources. So, simply avoid getting apps that are not available on the official Google Play store and consider installing a malware scanner.


Let’s summarize with a list of “things to do” in order to avoid getting malware on your Android device:

1) Always prefer the Google Play Store. This is the official application market for android and any apps shared or sold via this store are trusted to be malware safe. You should avoid getting apps from any third party application markets.

2) Tighten the security of your Android device by installing an internet security application and a malware scanner.

3) Pay attention to the terms and permissions provided before you proceed with the installation of an application.

4) Watch out and do not take up on any “premium Android app” offer for free from any unknown source.

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