What is about Android phones that make them so irresistible to so many people? There are certainly many things that considered being interesting but all of those things are really pleasant too. One of the first things that many people think about when they are about to buy a smart phone is certainly applications.

Unfortunately, it might does not sound as new but Android phones are really vulnerable to hacking but now Palo Alto Networks have discovered something new that will absolutely amaze you. This new discovery proves that there are programs that can turn a legitimate application against its users by diverting normal codes into malicious ones.

The first discovery has been made by a team that had as a leader the researcher Zhi Xu, who tried to inform users with every little detail and so it has been published that: “The malicious application can gain full access to a compromised device, including usernames, passwords, and sensitive data, this hijacking technique can … substitute one application with another, for instance if a user tries to install a legitimate version of Angry Birds and ends up with a flashlight app that’s running malware.”

An application called PackageInstaller that is able to pass through programs through the Google Play store into a user’s device with the help of a backdoor that Polo Alto was negative from the beginning. R5esearchers have found out that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Amazon Fire are vulnerable to this kind of mix up but this does not mean that the other Android devices are not. XU also stated that: “… PackageInstaller on affected versions does not verify the APK (Android app) file at the Time of Use [meaning] the PackageInstaller can actually install a different app with an entirely different set of permissions,”

If you are an Android user and you were really effected from all the details that were mentioned above the only thing that you are able to do is to upgrade your phone or any other device that you use that has Android. This upgrade must be based on the last version that is no other than KitKat or even a higher upgrade.

If you do not do it, you need to know that all the lower upgrades are open and so vulnerable to the specific problem. In small words the actual problem seem to be involved with the transition that the programs perform when a download is performed through Amazon and it is then when it is installed on a device without the approval of the user.

When all of the above were revealed Google, Samsung, Amazon and other really famous companies insist on saying to their users and to the general public that they will do their best in order to fix the specific problem. It is something that they will definitely try to do as their evolution to the market and of course their future totally depends on the satisfaction of their customers and this will be achieved if they gain back their trust with hard work and with the fixing of the specific, awful problem.

So, another thing that you can do if you are an Android user, apart from any kinds of upgrades, is definitely always to be kept informed and updated with the latest news!

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