When you go online, using a popular web browser, you might be sharing much information with third-party data trackers. In fact, what people think their privacy rights are, has some difference with the actual privacy policies that are in place. Most browsers apply not so security-tight privacy policies which makes them vulnerable for privacy invasions.

Popular browsers utilize “Do not Track” policies but still most third-party data trackers are making efforts to prevent the users from applying such policies. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari have more robust privacy policies than Google Chrome (the most commonly used web browser) which faced some privacy concern issues in the recent past.

If you would like to make use of a web browser that applies higher level of security and privacy, take a look at the below list. You will find a less known web browser that will keep you protected from data trackers.


This browser is available on Windows, Mac and Linux; it is based on the Chromium engine and uses secure https protocol as default. It allows users to encrypt their browser history and bookmarks and as most reviewers report, it tends to be faster than other high security browsers while on the other hand it’s missing some features that are included in other more popular browsers.


Google chrome users will feel really comfortable if they start using Epic privacy browser since it is also using the Chromium engine. Some of its features are that it doesn’t leave any trace of the browsing session as it does not maintain browsing history and also applies a “Do not Track” policy. One disadvantage of this browser is that it seems to be incompatible with some websites.


This browser was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy, with the purpose of practicing anonymous internet browsing. How does it work? It redirects web traffic through its network and encrypts it thus making it impossible for the origin of the traffic to be traced. Tor actually specializes in anonymous browsing and not in security, so if you use this browser you’d better also have a security application installed as well. One of Tor’s problems is its vulnerability to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Comodo Dragon

Another browser built on the Chromium platform is the Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon browser. It offers “incognito mode” which blocks download tracking and all cookies. It includes add-ons which sniff-out third party networks, provides web analytics tools (used to track surfing sessions). One thing you should be aware of though regarding this browser is that a software review site had performed an anti-phishing test against this browser and the results were not satisfactory.

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