Many people keep their confidential business data on the laptop. What most of them don’t know is that this data is vulnerable. Without proper use of laptop privacy filters, your data is in danger. The use of solid encryption technology and strong passwords is a must. But these are insufficient. There is something called visual hacking. It happens when someone peeps at your laptop screen. They might take a photo too. Although some might ignore it, it is a serious security threat.

How laptop privacy filters work?

They are all about a polarized plastic sheet. The polarization technology obstructs light from the given angles. It polarizes the angle in front of the screen more. Have you seen or used polarized eyeglasses? Maybe you even own polarized camera lenses. If so, you have an idea of what we are talking about.

Why is a privacy filter important?

If you are in danger of visual hacking, get this filter. It will keep your computer from unwarranted spying. This filter is suitable for users of laptops in public places. Also, it suits travelers, customer care representatives, and salespersons. Visual hacking is dangerous. A person with bad intentions could grasp personal data in a fast manner. Then put it in illegal use. This is an era of smartphones with good quality cameras. As a result, someone could take a snap of your work in seconds. It is vital to educate your employees on this matter. This will ensure that they protect delicate business information with privacy filters.

How to pick a filter?

Keep away from a filter that makes the laptop screen dimmer. It will strain your vision. Next, choose a filter that is easy to apply over your laptop screen and remove later. The best will offer you re-usable strips that do not stain your screen. As laptops vary in size, pick a filter that suits yours. To ward off distracting reflections, pick a matte privacy filter. It keeps a glossy laptop screen appear dull. Also, some filters can let you switch from glossy to matte and vice versa. Laptop privacy filters have different colors. But, most of these colors appear black from an angle. If you want a golden sheen, there are options. You will pay more for a gold filter, though.

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