Your IP address is the unique number given to you by your ISP (or Internet Service Provider), revealing your identity online. It alerts websites where you are located and it can be used for various purposes.

For instance, your browser will know important details of you and your online habits and preferences via your IP address. If you are wondering how it works, think of your actual address at home. Doesn’t the postman track you down, just because he knows where you live? This is what happens online, too.

There are many people who have been trying to mask their IP address, without even knowing why they need to do that. Well, the truth is that hiding your real IP address can be a great way towards enhancing your overall online security. Do you want to know why? Think of it like that; if you had revealed your physical location to the world and you had not kept anything actually private, wouldn’t you be in greater danger of having your security violated? The same goes for the Internet. If you do not mask your IP address and let everyone know, you are vulnerable against those who will want to access you and compromise your computer.

When you use a different IP address, nobody can track you down. You become invisible, as you give out different information and therefore nobody can log you and track your patterns. Your browser will not know which websites you use at a time and you will not need to worry about being identified online. Even if somebody wishes to hack you, they will not have the chance to do that in an encrypted environment and with the use of a changed IP address. So, safety dictates that you mask your IP address at all times.

Additionally, you can benefit from unblocking geographically restricted content worldwide. Do you want to watch US Netflix, but you are located somewhere in Europe? No sweat! Just connect to a VPN, choose a US based VPN server and here you go! Problem solved since you appear to be located in the United States!

Another advantage that you should never forget is the opportunity to surf the web without leaving any trace and therefore without being weak. You can visit travel sites and get lower price rates, simply because you do not appear to revisit these sites and consequently the sites cannot know that you are really interested in booking specific dates.

From all the above, it goes without even saying that you ought to hide your IP address and use different IPs every time. This is going to help you upgrade your online protection and it will also allow you to save time, money and trouble!

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