Netflix is a leader in its field, providing also affordable payment plans and is being offered to any location in the United States. It is a streaming platform that is well known for the premium quality of its content.

All this can help you understand why teachers want to keep access to Netflix blocked. Students are tempted to access Netflix, even at times were they attend a class, so teachers block it from all school servers with the intent to keep distractions away from the students.

If you still want to access Netflix while at school, pick one of the methods described below:

Using a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best method to go about it, as it will change your Internet facing IP address with one supplied by the VPN provider and you will not be using your school’s servers for accessing online content. This will allow you to access Netflix and any other blocked site over an encrypted connection.

But what about the VPN subscription fee? No need to worry about it, as there are plenty free VPN service providers to pick from. However, you should keep in mind that for proper streaming of videos with no problems, a high bandwidth VPN is required, so you might have to select a VPN provider that offers low budget plans. One VPN that we can recommend is

Using SmartDNS

SmartDNS is another option for unblocking websites which works with DNS. It is considered as a cheap alternative to VPN, providing access to restricted sites with no need to install client software but it doesn’t offer encryption.

There are some services providing a free trial period, so you can test thoroughly and a famous such service is Unlocator.

Using Proxy

Since you are a student, you probably want to proceed with a solution that is absolutely free. The “Proxy” method is the way to go about it, as it will hide your IP address in a similar way to the VPN method. As with SmartDNS, Proxy service doesn’t offer encryption as well and it just changes the IP for each website at a time.

So just pick any of the free web proxies and use it to connect to Netflix, but be aware that due to the heavy traffic of free web proxies, it is quite possible that the streaming experience will not be at the same quality of the two other solutions.


Following the instructions in this article will help you access Netflix at school easily. Feel free to try these methods so you can decide which is more suitable for you.

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