The arrival of Netflix entertainment platform has certainly changed things when it comes to entertainment as it provides premium and constantly updated content which is also of good quality while also provides availability of programming and watching content from various types of devices.

Yes, that’s right. Netflix can be accessed from almost any type of device as it’s compatible with various operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android) and devices of various manufacturers (like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, Windows PC systems). You will be happy to know that Netflix is now available to watch also from the newly introduced Smart TVs.

How can you get Netflix on your TV?

In order to get Netflix on a TV set, this will have to be a Smart TV. Smart TVs are internet enabled providing advanced functions comparing to a standard TV set one of which is the ability to sync with smartphones and tablets. Top TV manufacturers like SONY, Samsung and LG have various Smart TV models, some mid-range and some high-end models which have more advanced functions. Especially on latest models, there is a Netflix app installed and a respective Netflix button on the remote control for making the Netflix experience on the Smart TV the best possible one.

So, which are the steps to take so as to access Netflix from your Smart TV?

1) Register with Netflix

If you don’t have a Netflix account just yet, you will need to visit and sign up. You will be happy to now that the policy which Netflix follows is to provide a free month of service upon initial registration for you to test the service and it will start billing you after that period.

2) Get a Smart TV

Well, since we are talking about Netflix on a Smart TV, the need to acquire such a TV set (if you don’t already have one) should go without saying.

3) Get an internet subscription

The Netflix service is practically a service provided to you via Internet, so you need to make sure that you have an internet connection available for accessing it.

4) Register with a VPN service provider

This step is not mandatory. In fact you don’t need this at all if you are a resident of the United States. This is because the premium Netflix content is the US one, so if you are in a country other than the US and need to get access to the US Netflix, you will have to mask your internet connection and spoof your location so that it appears you are connecting from the US and the best way to do this (in terms of security and quality of service) is the connection over a Virtual Private Network. is one VPN that we can recommend without any second thoughts to you.

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