Netflix is a streaming platform which offers movies and TV shows online or the ability to stream right to your TV, PC, mobile phone etc. A significant drop in the rates of online piracy has been noticed over the last years with Netflix having played a big part in this decrease as many consumers follow Netflix as a legal alternative.

Netflix is considered as one of the most prominent competitors to the pirate sites which illegally offer video content. The company has revealed that it has noticed a consistent piracy drop in countries where they start launching their service.

The IP Awareness Foundation has released statistics which proves that the Netflix effect has successfully reached Australia, as the online piracy has decreased since the service was launched earlier this year. A most recent survey shows that 25 percent of adults in Australia (aged 18-64) are performing pirate streaming while in the previous year this was 29 percent.

As far as copyright holders are concerned, we can’t say that it all good news for them, as there are still some persistent pirates, with 40 percent of them saying that they are pirating more than they did the previous years.

According to consumers the biggest impact for the piracy decrease is the “legal options” as they are pirating less because they are seeking for legal alternatives and this is why this decrease is attributed to Netflix. The respondents also mentioned the moral considerations but this does not have as much impact as the “legal options” do.

The executive director of the IP Awareness Foundation in Australia (Lori Flekser) is happy with this change but clearly states that a combination of positive and negative reinforcement is required in order to address the issue properly. She stated: “Piracy has always needed a range of measures to tackle the problem as we all know there is no silver bullet”.

Lori Flekser also added: “This fall in piracy rates is definitely largely attributable to the combination of the government’s new legislation, plus the ongoing efforts of the creative industries to continue delivering great content at accessible prices to Australian consumers”.

Online piracy is considered as one of the hot topics in Australia and there are plans in place which include blocking of websites and issuing warnings to frequent infringers. All that is left now is to see if this will assist the current download piracy trend to continue being in a declining path.

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