In all you do, just remember that you do it out of the personal will. So you have mobile gadgets because you want them. What’s more, how you use your mobile phone devices is your personal choice.

Hence, if you lose your personal identity, it will be your fault. In all you do, just keep your privacy intact.

Identity loss is so real

In this digital era, anything can happen. Someone could spy on your network without your knowledge. They can also steal your identity and commit a crime with it. That’s why you need a VPN.

It will encrypt, hide and protect your personal data and network. With a VPN, you can stop acting without a second thought. In fact, you can protect yourself from cyber crimes.

Did you know that your internet activities have spies? Well, you read it right. There are trackers who see all tasks you love to do online. This is dangerous. It is something you want to keep away from. Otherwise, you might live to be sorry.

Is this important?

Your personal data is like gold to internet marketers and advertisers.  This could be why promotional trends on your social media feed keeps on changing. Sooner than later your private data will become commercial.

Before you know it, advertisers will have it on their servers. Then they will bombard your pages with annoying ads. Some might make it to your email inbox.

How to stay safe

The best solution is a Virtual Private Network, VPN. It will increase your anonymity. Then it will keep your network discreet and secure. When you share data over the internet, the VPN will encrypt it.

The best VPN service is Hide.Me. It is the most trustworthy VPN. What’s more, it is affordable and user-friendly.  If you want to download it, go to the official page. There is a lot of free data on how to download and install it. will encrypt your data and traffic. It will then give you servers in many countries. This will ensure that you select the server that is nearest to you.  This server will help you bypass geo-blocked content and government surveillance.  Above all, it will hide your network from criminals.

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