A new website called, Iknowhatyoudowloaded.com can show all the files that you access when you the common peer-to-peer file sharing site, BitTorrent. The new platform is a new development in a longstanding battle between copyright holders and individuals who download files from common peer-to-peer file sharing sites.

On the other one hand, copyright holders have been arguing that P2P sites encourage online privacy by availing copyrighted material for downloading. On the contrary, users of these common file sharing sites have been arguing that there are many grey areas in the law regarding online piracy.

However, this new development, which is a result of the effort of copyright holders and other stakeholders in the industry, takes advantage of the nature of file sharing sites to send a message to users that they can be caught. All file sharing sites allow all users to see the IP addresses of the others. In effect, people find it difficult to hide their privacy when they are downloading files from BitTorrent.

The new tool can trace all the activities that individuals carry out when they are on the BitTorrent site. The site then aggregates all the information about the files that a specific IP address accesses.

You can then check all the files that a person has downloaded from BitTorrent by keying in the IP address of the person. The site will give you all the details of the activities of the person including the names of the files that the person would have downloaded and even the time that the person downloaded the files.

However, observers are keen to point out that as much as the new tool can be an effective way of sending warning messages to people who use BitTorrent, it can still be overcome. Individuals who use VPN services when accessing BitTorrent can effectively hide their IP address, thus making it impossible for the tool to access their data. Therefore, the emergence of the new website may, in effect, boil down to the battle on how effective VPNs are.

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