North Korea has done it again and now the restrictions applied to the citizens have become really hard. When it comes to the web, North Korea is no stranger to limitations and heavy censorship. But now things have changed for the worse.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has officially announced banning websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all websites from South Korea. Internet access is already limited in North Korea, with the majority of people not being able to enjoy the richness and plurality of the Internet. However, nowadays it is really difficult even for visitors who wish to travel to North Korea to keep track of what the world is up to.

Along with these sites, there is also a banning on sites that are related to gambling and adult content. Still, this is something that affects all the people, both locals and tourists or business travelers of North Korea and it is not restricted to sites that include somewhat “illegal” content. Ever since 2013, there was the option for those traveling to the country to use 3G mobile internet on their devices. Now, this will become a lot more challenging.

Of course, everybody resembles the restrictions applied to South Korea with those applied by the Great Firewall of China. It seems that the government is trying to control all the information spread all over the country, using the Internet as a means of pressure.

Without the information being accessible on the Internet, the chances are that heavy censorship is going to thrive and all the news and updates will be filtered, before being passed on to whoever resides in North Korea.

Strangely enough, Instagram was not within the list of blocked websites and apps. So, it is still functioning properly. This is just a drop in the ocean, but it is something worth mentioning. Let’s see how these restrictions are going to turn out for North Korea, shall we?

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