Internet is now an everyday and powerful tool for everyone who is searching for any kind of information, communication, shopping or even for entertainment. From an early age children have access to the Internet and consider it as one of their favorite occupation.

Researches show that children use the Internet several times every day, while the use of Internet and mobile phones has become crucial and really important. In general, young people are aware of the challenges of the use of Internet, but when something goes wrong they turn to adults for help.

When something like that happens it is sure that adults should be updated about the latest security tips that will help them to solve any kinds of problems that might appear. Always have in mind that the possibilities that are offered by the Internet are huge, but effective utilization presupposes a proper use. While the Internet is so effective for people there are some hidden risks that everyone should know and myths that need to be busted.

Everyone Has Information that Can Be Stolen

It is sure that if you do not save any information on your computer and you use it just for browsing, there will not be any information that could be useful for possible hackers.

On the other hand, even when you only browse the web and you register to new web pages with the use of new passwords, you need to have in mind that these passwords can prove to be useful for possible hackers as they can use them for they benefit such as for making any kind of purchasing. So, always have this in mind and you will be secure.

The Use of VPN and Tor and the Anonymity That They Offer

VPN and Tor are two kinds of services that allow us to surf anonymously on the web and in this way we are protected against threats and hacking. This is not something that is 100 percent sure. Eldo Kim, a Harvard student posted in 2013 false bomb threats through Tor in order to cause delay in the final exams.

Of course he was caught as he left some kinds of evidence that made FBI to catch him easily. These two services are definitely not foolproof systems and it is not systems that are easy to be hacked but if a hacker wants to “break” them, he can do it but with a little more hard work.

Wi-Fi Network can be protected by the disable SSID Broadcast and the Use of Mac Filtering

The above sentence is not absolutely true. It is sure that you should not leave your Wi-Fi Network open as it is really dangerous. Do not think that the use of Mac filtering and hide your SSID is something that secure you for sure as the ordinary users could not steal information but for hackers is a piece of cake.

People Think That They Do not Need Anti-Virus Tools as They Do Not Visit Risky Sites

All people know that threats, viruses and malware are hidden in bad sites, but this does not mean that they are not hidden in files that you want to download and are located in safe sites. Even sites like YouTube, Gmail or even Amazon might have virus. So, be really careful.

The Incognito Mode Can Keep You Safe

It is sure that the incognito mode can protect your privacy in a way. It can protect you only from people who use the same computer as you but it is not able to protect you from hackers. If you make some advanced search on the web, you will be able to find information that have to do with Incognito or Private mode and you will certainly find details that will explain you exactly how some specific sites can keep logs of your visit.

Maybe you are already in shock with all of the above reveals, but it is sure that you should have them in mind in order to protect your online privacy!

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