According to the 2016 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, online trust is not at its best nowadays and it will continue declining even further. Consumers are now worried more than ever as to the layering of their online privacy and anonymity, not sure if they can trust companies that claim to keep them safe online.

There is an even bigger percentage of people who cannot feel safe, with governments and other third parties controlling their sensitive data. This is of course perfectly justified, since nobody can feel protected without having absolute control over the amount of exposure online. When compared to similar questions about online privacy and safety a year ago, there has been significant increase (about 20 per cent rise).

Fen Hampson from CIGI’s Global Security & Politics Program and co-director of the Global Commission on Internet Governance has stated the following: “The centrality of trust in informing the attitudes of global citizens about Internet security is perhaps one of the most crucial findings of the global survey,” and continued on saying: “Internet users are expressing a clear lack of trust in the current set of rules and, more importantly, in the actors that oversee the sharing and use of personal data online,”

It is important to note that the vast majority of people have come to realize that they need to change their patterns and habits online, in order to stay protected. About 83% of the people responding to the report conducted by Ipsos have admitted altering their online behavior towards being kept thoroughly protected online.

Darrell Bricker from Ipsoshas reported on the subject: “The results of the global survey demonstrate that the rules, actors and models of governance around how personal data is used online must change,” and concluded: “As global citizens become more hesitant about their conduct online, there is a clear desire to see these actors cooperate in finding new, bold and innovative ways to govern the internet.”

Apparently, it is really optimistic that people have begun realizing the online hazards that are threatening web surfing. It is now in the hands of each and every single one of us to enhance online security measures, so as to be kept safe online.

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