As you click on things you like on the internet, think about your privacy. It comes first no matter what. The prying eyes are too many that you cannot afford to do anything.

One common habit among internet users is sharing things with friends. Because of the increased spying, people are sharing stuff with caution. Some are now active VPN users. They never browse the internet with their real IP address. We should all emulate the VPN users. We can all get an anonymous email address and use it.

How to make an anonymous email address

Since web browsers are trackers, you should be careful. They use cookies to track you. In fact, they are now using supercookies. With these, the modern browsers can know your every move.

The problem with cookies is that they share your data with others online. You may use the incognito mode, no problem. But, you cannot depend on this mode always.

It will be wiser to use the TOR browser, as it does not track you.  You may download it in more than fifteen languages. As soon as you download it, create an anonymous email. Give Google fake personal details.

Other anonymous email address services

  1. Hushmail – It does not bother users with adverts like Google. As well, it has an inbuilt encryption system that keeps your data safe. But it is a paid service requiring you to pay 34.99 dollars per year. In return, you get a 1GB storage area. There is a smaller, 25GB storage option. But you will be a free member. Businesses need to pay $5.24 per employee monthly. Avoid Hushmail if you have a criminal past.
  2. Guerrilla Mail – It is ideal for people who want a one-time use email address. All exchanged emails don’t stay in the system after one hour of use. Open and access your emails. With your fake Guerrilla Mail account, you can access Bitcoin.
  3. Hide My Ass – This is a popular VPN service. It offers an anonymous email address service. It is free to use. But this is only if you want to sign up. Once you receive a pseudo email, it will expire in one day, one week, or when you choose.

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