Opera has added a new feature for its free VPN service, Opera Max. The new feature, dubbed the VIP Mode, allows users to access the VPN service of the company without having to reactivate their connection after every 12 hours as it is the case.

It appears that Opera has been working hard to address the concerns of its customers regarding the performance of Opera Max. Recently, the company introduced new changes to the free VPN service that required users to reactivate their connectivity after every twelve hours.

However, many observers were of the opinion that the new changes were a gimmick and that they were only meant to increase the traffic that the company was having to its reactivation page.

Opera placed advertisements on the reactivation page, and users were confronted with more adverts during the time that they were re-enabling the VPN.

It appears that the company was intent on addressing the concerns of clients who wanted a free VPN service without the hassle of advertisements. But the company, aware of the need to address the concerns of its customers without mutilating its business model, opted for a compromise.

Under the new model, users can forego the need to re-activate the VPN every two hours but make do with advertisements that get displayed on the screen of their phones. The ads, which change at times, only get displayed when the phone is charging. Also, to make maximum use of this new arrangement, Opera ensures that the advertisements show on the screen of your charging phone whether you are using the free VPN service or not.

To many users, this new arrangement appears to be an acceptable compromise between the two extremes of having to refresh one’s connectivity every twelve hours amidst a barrage of adverts and wishing to have an advert-free VPN service without paying.

Users can access the new feature from the slide-out menu of Opera Max on their mobile devices.

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