Opera browser is aiming at becoming the very first browser to use a native VPN client for free, while at the same time having a new AdBlocking engine to boast about.

So, it seems that Opera has made a huge step toward providing its users with the ability to overcome barriers and strengthen their security. This is indisputably an aggressive move made on behalf of the company, since it immediately sets itself apart from the uniformity of its competitors.

People have been in search of such features for a long time and this is why Opera has decided to go for it. Of course, after having partnered with SurfEasy from Canada, the function of VPN for free came to life. The VPN is easy to use, by clicking on the Privacy & Security Settings.

The locations already in effect are US, Canada and Germany – more are on the way. From the VPN, only the minimum logs are kept: “No personal identifiable information is collected. Your installation of Opera browser contains a unique ID that cannot be linked to you as an individual person.”

AdBlocking is definitely a great addition to the browser, as it allows users to avoid the irritating ads. Although whitelisting ads can be done in this case and several ads can bypass the blockage, it is always a good move.

It is not turned on by default, though. The user must go through the Settings and turn it on or even get time loading performance for a specific website. It is basic, but good.

With both these features, Opera has got ahead once more and the company wants to be a serious competitor this time. It is now interesting to see if the actual competitors in the game (Internet Explorer Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox) are going to act in a similar pattern or not.

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