Opera has already made a difference among browsers, having integrated free and unlimited VPN for the users to enjoy. VPN is of course the epitome of anonymity and privacy, which makes this move a great step towards enhancing one’s protection overall.

Now, it is time to target iOS running devices and their users. So, Opera has done it again! With the new app called Opera VPN, they aim at blocking ads and strengthening the protection of all Apple users.

Upon having installed the app, the mobile device will become a lot safer than before. Ad-tracking cookies will be deleted and this is certainly a wonderful thing to consider. Encryption is the best way to stay off hazards online and therefore many users have already expressed their absolute satisfaction. Of course, the company responsible for the VPN features on the browser of Opera is none other than SurfEasy. It is true that Opera had purchased the rights of SurfEasy.

The five VPN servers available for you to choose after signing up for Opera VPN include the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore. So, even though there is not a wide variety for you to pick from, the servers cover the largest part of the world. To make things even easier, Opera VPN is offered in numerous languages.

Without tracking the activity of the users, Opera provides a decent advantage over multiple VPN service providers. What is more, many VPN companies offer plans that require your subscription. So, they do not come for free. Opera VPN is a free app that allows users to remain anonymous and the browser does not track any of the activity of users. In fact, even cookies are deleted for your convenience and safety.

As you can see, Opera has been proven exceptionally innovative and the choice of adding VPN for free and without any limitations has impressed the public. Let’s see how the rest of the competitors at a global scale will react…

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