There is outrage as the leaked email messages of former English soccer star-turned-celebrity, David Beckham, are getting published by leading media outlets across Europe.

The leaked emails are part of a batch of correspondence between Beckham and his Portuguese-based PR handler. Hackers are said to have breached the security systems of the PR firm.

And in what is is likely to be of intrigue to many, although the Sunday Times, which was expected to be one of the first news outlets to publish the story, was gagged by a court order, many other news outlets across Europe have taken it upon themselves to publish the damning contents of the emails.

Various papers across multiple European countries have been having a field day publishing the contents of the strong-worded emails by Beckham.

In one of the emails, Beckham uses swear words against members of the Queen’s Honours Committee, a body that is charged with the responsibility of deciding who is to be knighted.

The supposed outburst by Beckham is said to have come at a time when the former soccer star was aggressively pursuing knighthood.

In the emails, Beckham expresses his disgust for the members of the committee and goes ahead to call himself, ‘Sir Beckham.’

In another expose, it has emerged that at one point, Beckham expressed his dislike of the decision by Unicef, a body for which he is the global ambassador, which required him to contribute to the cause of the institution.

Interestingly, fresh reports indicate that the Queen’s Honours Committee denied Beckham the knighthood on the grounds that his tax history was not as clean as one would expect it to be.

Although no evidence of tax evasion by the former soccer star has been tabled, it appears that the decision of the committee has been justified, in hindsight, by revelations exposing Beckham’s distaste for making contributions to a cause for which he still is the global ambassador and his use of strong language.

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