Overlay is a new form of a malware attack that criminals are increasingly using to target unsuspecting people. Criminals use this form of malware for the typical phishing attacks. Therefore, an essential part of overlay malware is the use of tricks to lure customers into keying in their login credentials on specific pages. Here are three most important things about overlay malware that you need to know.

What is Overlay Malware?

Overlay malware is a new form of malware attack in which criminals trick individuals into keying in their credentials. In practice, hackers develop fake login pages that resemble the login pages of genuine apps and websites. Users then suddenly see a message asking them to log in their famous app or even website. An unsuspecting user may easily log into the fake site with his or her credentials. If this happens to you, you would have lost your login credentials to criminals.

How does Overlay Malware Work?

This form of malware masquerades as genuine log-in pages of common sites. However, the fake sign-in pages usually lead to special pages that steal your data and credentials. Nowadays, criminals use social engineering to target specific individuals. Therefore, criminals use genuine email addresses to identify their potential victims.

Second, overlay malware has become common in the recent times because of the rise of the internet of things. Nowadays, the devices that people use are interconnected to each other. More so, many people link up their different accounts. This practice of linking up accounts makes it easy for hackers to launch an overlay malware attack against people.

How can you protect yourself against Overlay Malware?

You can protect yourself against overlay malware by doing several things. First, you need to use an effective internet security software program. If you use a good antivirus program, you will have developed the first line of defence against this form of malware. Second, you should use a standard VPN service like hide.me. Any good VPN service will not only hide your IP address but also conceal your traffic. Therefore, hackers will find it difficult to trace your online activities and attempt to launch an overlay malware attack against you.

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