Last Friday, the FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation) arrested two hackers who attacked on and illegally repossessed consumer information.

It has gotten to be incredible where programmers are followed and captured. On 8th of May, the FBI officers were able to capture two men who were in charge of hacking into Photobucket’s framework that occurred back in the middle of 2012-2014. These attackers obtained access to private data of clients and sold the hacked data.

As per statement issued by Department of Justice, 26 years old Athanasios Andriankais and 39 years old Brandon Bourret, were busted and took in for the investigation about the suspected conspiracy. More particularly, the pair is blamed for creating and offering PhotoF—et, software that empowered consumers to bypass security settings of the Photobucket site and get unapproved access to private passwords and photographs of its clients.

On the other hand, the men have been fined for PC fraud. As such, both men will need to spend atleast 5 years in jail and pay a penalty of near about $250,000. Alongside these charges, the DOJ has likewise exacted on the men gadget fraud fines which can prompt jail minimum of 10 years with a $250,000 penalty. David Tonini (The Assistant US Attorney) from Denver has been made in charge of the indictment of the people to get unauthorized access to personal passwords and photographs of its clients.

DOJ said, “The conspirators used Photofucket to obtain guest passwords to access users’ password protected albums. They also transferred, or caused to be transferred, guest passwords to others who paid to use the Photofucket application.”

John Walsh (US Attornery for Colorado) stated that, “It is not safe to hide behind your computer, breach corporate servers and line your own pockets by victimizing those who have a right to protected privacy on the internet.”

John added, “The U.S. Attorney’s Office is keenly focused on prosecuting those people for their theft — and for the wanton harm they do to innocent internet users.”

Michael Clark, Photobucket’s Chief Technology Officer said, “Unfortunately, the defendants were intent on not only victimizing Photobucket and its users, but violating federal criminal statutes between 2012 and 2014 as alleged in the indictment. We congratulate the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office for their vigilant investigative work in identifying and bringing these perpetrators to justice. We will continue to support the government’s work and our users through this ongoing criminal investigation.”

Suggestion: If attackers that are identified and given the proper penalties, the increasing risk of internet security can be incredibly diminished. Government and companies need to work in arrangement to make this conceivable.


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