Pokemon GO has tempted millions of users all over the world to download the app and get out in search of cute creatures. There are severe security threats, though.

This means you should make sure to take all the safety precautions that will keep you well protected. If you are willing to take these measures, you will not need to worry about vulnerabilities and any risks. Gaming is always fun, after all – you just have to engage in responsible gaming! So, here we go with the safety tips for Pokemon GO:

  • Be careful when you download the app, before playing Pokemon GO. Thanks to the gigantic popularity of the app, there are many unofficial downloads all over the web. Of course, nobody can guarantee that these downloads are safe. Stick to the official download option and stay protected.
  • Beware of the permissions you give, upon downloading. Remember that at first Google had full control of your account, if you signed into the game with your Google account. The company responsible for distributing Pokemon GO has addressed this issue. But, you are better safe than sorry.
  • If you are driving, it is not a good idea to play Pokemon GO. In fact, it can be a catastrophic idea. So, don’t do it! Just like “Don’t drink and drive”, now we have to say “Don’t Pokemon GO and drive”!
  • You may not even notice, but the sun can harm you while you are playing. Since you are engaged in something fun, time flies. If you do not take the proper caution (sunscreen, hat and not too much sun exposure), you can end up feeling dizzy or getting burnt.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings. Do not just walk, without controlling what is next to you. This can end up badly, especially if you have never been in a place. You can bump into a dead-end, fall off the stairs or attempt to cross the road without checking. No jokes!
  • Use a VPN. In this way, you will encrypt your traffic and no sensitive information will be in jeopardy. More than that, with the use of a VPN you can unblock apps that are not free in your country. This means that you can access Pokemon GO everywhere in the world and not settle for unofficial downloads (which can be dangerous, as we have pointed out earlier).

Take care of your safety and privacy, enjoying the brilliant Pokemon GO!

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