Premera has revealed a security breach of the healthcare insurance provider, which has caused great distress to the customers who wish to know whether their data has been accessed.

Premera provider represents healthcare insurance and recently it has revealed that the servers that the company uses have been hacked and specifically their customers’ data have been breached. This means that thousands and millions of medical records of people are in a great risk and a future identity theft is possible. This kind of theft is one of the most incredible one as the people who are responsible for that have manage to gather the information of more than millions records. It is definitely a huge theft and in fact this heist is positioned in the top among 70 millions of others.

Premera is a company that provides healthcare coverage to people that live Northwest specifically in Oregon, Alaska and Washington. The company has stated that the Crack first took place in May of 2014 but no one realized it until January of 2015. It is certainly a timeline that causes a lot of problems to Premera alongside with the Anthem attack.

The most amazing thing is that nothing of all the above has been confirmed and investigators are still trying to find the resolution of the problem. It is really easy to understand that even if you use a strong security system, hackers stop at nothing in order to serve their purposes.

Tim Erlin, the director of product management, IT security and risk strategy at Tripwire said through an email: “The Premera breach could be much worse for those who are victims as it includes not just information to commit credit fraud, but also medical fraud and potentially sensitive information about medical conditions.”

The worst thing when it comes to security breaches on medical records is the fact that this data can be used in higher levels of insurance frauds which are equals to millions of dollars. One of the latest trends in the US is the sale of medical records with different kinds of health issues, to people who want them in order to get care for free.

They can achieve that by only writing down all of the details of the medical record in order to have all the information that they need for free medical treatment from hospitals which have false credentials. So, when the bill comes it goes to the wrong person and nothing can be done then.

The only data that was not stolen from Premera was the financial data of it and this did not happened due to the fact that it these kind of data are not stored to their servers in case something like that happens. Based on the above the company through its web site said: “Premera does not store credit card information for members, so your credit card information is not affected by this attack.

Our investigation has not determined that any information was removed from our systems and there is no evidence to date that any such information has been used inappropriately.” for those of you who are worried as to whether or not your personal data were stolen, Premera has created a FAQ page where you can ask them. If their answer is positive through their FAQ page you can ask them what you need to do in order to be absolutely protected.

It is sure that Premera will stand by you in order to help you in the best possible way and their advice will proved to be really useful for you as you will find out new ways that will provide you the best security systems that you can ever imagine. Visit Premera’s FAQ page and you will discover all of the above on your own!

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