Network administrators of ISPs at times intentionally limit your connection speed. The act of deliberately limiting the connectivity speed of users is called bandwidth throttling. If it happens to you, you will suddenly experience low internet speeds. Here is how you can use a VPN service to overcome it.

Why ISPs use bandwidth throttling

1. To prevent some users from abusing bandwidth

Administrators actively monitor how users utilise bandwidth. The rate at which we use bandwidth varies significantly, depending on the devices that we use and the things that we do while online. Some activities such as playing sophisticated online games or downloading torrents consume a lot of bandwidth resources. To prevent individuals from abusing bandwidth, administrators of ISPs regularly monitor how people use bandwidth and can limit it at certain times.

2. To effectively manage the network and servers

It is possible for servers to crash and networks to experience widespread congestion when individuals consume bandwidth in excess. Administrators always seek to effectively manage the entire system and ensure that instances of server crashes and network bottlenecks do not occur. For ISPs to effectively manage their networks, they intentionally throttle connectivity speeds.

How you can use a VPN to prevent bandwidth throttling

A VPN is the most efficient method by which you can overcome bandwidth throttling. Standard VPN services make your traffic anonymous. When you use a VPN service like, you can choose any server in any country as your preferred location. You can then access the internet using your new IP address that hides your location. ISPs will be unable to tell your exact location, as a result. Therefore, you can easily bypass the restrictions that ISPs place on their users because ISPs will not be able to trace your location and identity.

Second, a VPN encrypts all your traffic using different encryption protocols. Encrypting your traffic secures your communication on one hand while helping you to bypass any instances of bandwidth throttling on the other.

In conclusion, you can prevent bandwidth throttling by connecting to the internet via a VPN service at all times. In addition to helping you bypass any form of bandwidth throttling, a VPN will improve your level of online security and make you anonymous when you are online.

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