Concerns about the need to protect the privacy of individuals have been raised following the nomination of two individuals, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo as the Attorney General and Head of the CIA respectively.

Many people are arguing that these individuals, known for their anti-privacy rhetoric and attempts at developing laws that undermine the privacy of individuals, may present a more complicated situation to the public when they finally take office shortly.

Mike Pompeo, the choice for CIA chief is a rather controversial figure. He is on record having called for the execution of Edward Snowden, in the wake of the Snowden leaks. Later on in an interview, he was quoted as saying that the government should put in place measures that it can use to collect information about individuals and use the information to develop a database.

This stance caused a public uproar as many people interpreted the statement to mean that the government should carry out massive public surveillance programs and, by so doing, undermine the security and privacy rights of individuals.

On his part, Jeff Sessions is an equally controversial figure. He once was a controversial piece of proposed legislation that sought to allow the federal government to forcefully obtain data from communication companies in times of an emergency.

Given that the US constitutions has very good safeguards against any attempt to abuse the privacy of individuals in the form of the Bill of Rights and the Fourth Amendment, it remains to be seen how the new Attorney General will tread, given his history of attempting to push for laws that are blatantly against individual privacy rights.

But more importantly, observers will be keenly watching how the entire Trump administration will work. Many people remember that Trump himself repeatedly argued for the need for the federal government to carry out activities that many observe can undermine the privacy rights of individuals. If his choices are anything to go by, it is a safe bet to say that his new administration may attempt to implement at least some of the things related to privacy that he said on the campaign trail.

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