Pokemon Go is the new frenzy, luring millions of people to go out and start searching for pokemons on their smartphones. It is a massively multiplayer online gaming of augmented reality, although it cannot take credit for being the first one in the market.

However, it has already broken all records and is even more popular than World of Warcraft back in 2004. Niantic developed Pokemon Go and this company, founded in 2010, has also been responsible for Ingress.

As soon as Pokemon Go started spreading like crazy all over the world, huge concerns have been expressed as to privacy. It is true that the game requests a lot of sensitive information and therefore many people are against its growing popularity.

Even though it is not prudent to agree with beliefs that reveal conspiracies where there is nothing but guessing, nobody can argue with the acknowledgement that too much exposure is not good. Let’s have a look at the major security concerns you should be aware of, especially if you are crazy about Pokemon Go!

  • The latest updates have fixed some of the threats that appeared in the earliest stages of its release. This means that you should be thorough in updating the version you are using (not only with Pokemon Go, but with everything online).
  • Only download the app from trustworthy sites and sources. There are times when we have to wait and waiting is too painful. So, we start searching for the download anywhere and not even care about the quality of the site we access. This is a huge mistake!
  • It is best for you to sign up for a brand new Google account, in order to play Pokemon Go. Otherwise, you may end up giving too much information to the game, including your email list.
  • Keep in mind that you reveal your current location, when you agree to play Pokemon Go. So, this means that you do not get to play incognito. On the contrary, geographic location is one of the most important personal details and you are giving it away, just to search for cute little creatures.
  • Do not overshare, when you can do otherwise. Do not reveal your surroundings way too often and do not take screenshots and then share them online with friends. Social media exposure is bad enough without this new trend, which only makes things worse for you.
  • It is always great to play with precious company and in this case it can also be proven extremely helpful. When you are with people, you eliminate the possibilities of stepping into hostile territory or harming yourself.

If you follow these instructions and stay away from trouble, you can access Pokemon Go and start playing! Have fun and stay safe!

Image from Pixabay

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