Privacy webmail services are now the rage, thanks to revelations that major providers of free webmail services such as Google and Yahoo have been working with NSA to spy on their clients. However, there are several things about privacy webmail services that you need to know before you start using one as a replacement for your free webmail service.

What is wrong with free webmail services?

One, free webmail service providers like Google and Yahoo collect a lot of information about their clients. These service providers normally collect personal data about the activities of their clients. They then use the data to tailor advertisements to the particular interests of their clients. Thus, as much as the companies claim to offer free webmail services, they benefit a lot from the information that they collect from their clients because they use it to prop up their advertising businesses.

Second, free webmail services are open to all manner of attacks, thanks to the encryption processes that are used and the advances in hacking techniques that we have witnessed in the recent past.

What are privacy webmail services?

Privacy webmail services are defined by various features. First, their focus is on the privacy of their clients. These services seek to provide highly private webmail services to their clients at all times. Second, the services use end-to-end encryption to protect the messages that their clients send and receive.

What are some of the best privacy webmail service providers?

One of the best service providers in this field is ProtonMail. The Swiss-based company uses PGP end-to-end encryption to secure the communications of its clients. Besides, the company offers two pricing plans: a free and a paid one.

Posteo is another common provider of privacy webmail services. The Germany-based company uses end-to-end encryption to secure the email communication of its clients. Clients have to pay at least 2 Euros per month to use the service.

In conclusion, these two and many other privacy webmail services solve the problems that are inherent in the services that free webmail service providers offer.

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