According to the reports from the Productivity Commission in Australia, the use of VPN is not in any way illegal. So, the path has been paved for Australians (and those who follow) to start using VPN out in the open. This is an important decision, since a lot of debate has come up regarding the legality of using VPN for circumventing GEO-IP restricted sites and channels. The Prime Minister of Australia has validated the wordings from the Productivity Commission, justtifying the need of Australians to use VPN.

More specifically, he has pointed out the fact that Australians have been forced to pay more for several options of recreation (such as Netflix) and receiving less than they are entitled to. This is a fact and nobody can argue with that. It goes without even saying that such a situation damages the quality of the services provided by the web to Australians. As a result, the best way to deal with the problem is to come up with a solution that bypasses the restrictions. Such a solution is none other than the use of VPN.

The verdict of the Productivity Commission opposes the recent decision of Netflix to ban VPN and procy users from accessing their content. In a response, the Australian Prime Minister has stated the following: “The Australian Government should … amend the Copyright Act 1968 to make clear that it is not an infringement for consumers to circumvent geo-blocking technology.” What is more, geoblocking has been nown to increase piracy and this is a directly illegal action that should be tackled with.

Instead of turning to illegal actions, such as piracy, people should be left alone, allowed to overcome the barriers applied to them via their location. When you pay for a service, this service should be identical, no matter where you are located in the whole wide world. This makes sense…

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