Over 500 million digital identities have been compromised to a certain extent within the year 2015, according to a recent report from Symantec. This is certainly a number that brings chills to all Internet users.

There has been great increase in the incidents of ransomware and all other types of malware, highlighting the sophisticated nature of hackers and their work. In this turbulent environment, it is more valuable than ever before to protect ourselves and our digital habits. Let’s find out how we can keep us safe online, shall we?

How to Keep Safe Online

First of all, you need to monitor your accounts online. Do not sit idle and watch, till someone compromises your account. Instead, check the banking info of your account at regular intervals and react, as soon as you notice something strange. The details of your credit card should be within your reach at all times and the same goes for your PayPal account or any other account involving money.

Then, it is important to remember that you should not give away authentication online that easily. This means that you ought to remain out of exposure online. Do not reveal personal information via social media or emails. Especially social media can be crawled with information to compromise. Do not offer a helping hand to hackers in search of their new prey!

Gather information in the field of phishing. In this way, you will know what to look out for online. Phishing scams have been on the rise over the past few years and therefore this is a threat that will come knocking on your door, sooner or later. In addition, you ought to be really thorough when choosing a password. Do not choose simple or easy-to-guess passwords and by no means should you share them with others (not even your best buddy!).

Two-factor authentication is another method that will definitely enhance your online security layering. Instead of simply writing down a password and accessing your account’s info, you may add another layer of protection – for instance, inserting a pin code sent over to your mobile phone.

Social media settings ought to be revised at once. As a consequence, you will build a more powerful wall all around you. With the proper social media settings, you will only be visible to your friends and nobody else may search and find you online. This is of course a great thing to consider!

Last but not least, advanced encryption will certainly add to your sense of online security. With the contribution of encryption systems (such as VPN), you will mask your IP and therefore you will become a harder target to reach.

Follow these simple and effective tips regarding online privacy and you will feel powerful, safe and secured while surfing the web!

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