There is a new malware; its name is HummingWhale. This is a new type of malware that is currently wrecking havoc in cyberspace by targeting android-based devices. Here are a few things about this new and vicious malware that you need to know and how you can protect yourself from it.

What is HummingWhale?

This is a new type of malware that is related to the famed HummingBad. HummingBad became popular about a year ago when researchers discovered that cyber criminals were using it to illegally earn revenue. It appears that HummingWhale is a reincarnation of HummingBad, with new and highly deadly features.

What does HummingWhale do?

HummingWhale does various things, once it gets its way on an Android device.

  • It surreptitiously installs tens of apps that you will never know about.
  • It automatically hides, meaning that you will not be able to detect it easily.
  • It obtains vital information from your device and sends it to the server that cyber criminals use to control it.
  • It forcefully shows you adverts that, in most cases, you do not want to see. In fact, it is based on the ability of this malware to show you adverts by force that the criminals controlling it earn revenue.

How can you protect yourself from HummingWhale?

The best way to protect yourself against this new type of malware is to use a VPN service. Remember that HummingWhale, as well as many other malware programs, can affect you via the apps that you download from the Google Play store.

Now, when you use a standard VPN service like, you can avoid downloading apps that have been infected by malware. A VPN service like has high-level security features that constantly check the safety status of every app before they let you download it. Therefore, protect yourself from HummingWhale by using VPN.

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