If you often use public Wi-Fi hotspots for connecting to the web on the go, you should consider the security risks you take. Hackers target such public locations, due to the lack of protection.

This means that you are more vulnerable to several online threats, when you use a public Wi-Fi. It is true that these connections are practical, of course. This is why so many people go ahead with connecting online. How do hackers threaten you, though?

  • MITM Attacks: With Man In The Middle Attacks, hackers penetrate your system and access any data they want. So, your personal information is in no way secured.
  • Packet Sniffing: With Packet Sniffing, hackers capture data from your mobile phone or tablet. This way, they can use them to their benefit.
  • Rogue Hotspots: Hackers will also set up rogue hotspots. These are suspicious and hence they will offer fertile ground for intercepting traffic and sensitive data.

Now that you know how important it is to restrain yourself from public Wi-Fi hotspots, think twice before connecting. If, however, you cannot help connecting to a public hotspot, there is a solution to consider.

More specifically, you can go ahead with subscribing to a VPN service provider. Let’s see how this is going to help you out with online protection:

  • Mask your IP address: In this way, you will not need to worry about revealing your location and sensitive information about yourself. You will instead use an IP address from one of the VPN servers.
  • Encrypt your traffic: VPNs use encryption. As a result, you will protect all your traffic and no personal information of yours will be out there for hackers to grab.
  • Avoid censorship: VPN service providers allow you to overcome censorship applied by authoritarian regimes, working places, schools etc. If you are interested in overcoming censorship, the VPN is your solution.
  • Unblock sites and channels: With the help of the VPN, you can unblock any geographically restricted site and channel of the world.

As you can see, the VPN is a powerful tool with multiple benefits. Especially if you are used to connecting to the web via public Wi-Fi hotspots, it is an essential part of your online defence.

Be sure to strengthen your online protection with the use of a VPN. You will feel safer than ever before and you will not need to worry about security leaks and vulnerabilities of your Internet connection!


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