China is indisputably among the countries that apply the heaviest censorship globally. There is great reason for such online limitations applied by China. In fact, there are quite a few different reasons that add to the use of online restrictions.

China has blocked multiple websites and apps from all over the world, literally controlling everything that happens digitally. Let’s have a closer look at why China applies such a wide network of restrictions:

  • Freedom of speech is certainly something that does not define China as a country. The government wants to control what the citizens take in and what type of communication is allowed. National peace is to be jeopardized at some times and therefore the measures taken by the Chinese government can be justified.
  • National security is another reason why China applies such a heavy layer of online censorship. In the light of the recent leaks related to Panama papers, you can see why it is crucial that the Chinese government safeguards everyone. With the use of the Great Firewall of China, such threats are eliminated.
  • The domestic economy is enhanced, since the Chinese government focuses on developing their own network of websites. Social media in China, the search engine of Baidu and many other apps have got nothing to be jealous of, when compared to the international competitors. At the same time, the Chinese market gets boosted.

These are the major reasons why China is so firm and straightforward in terms of heavy censorship online. In order to safeguard the country and allow no actual freedom of online speech that might jeopardize the regime, China goes ahead with applying severe limitations.

Even though this might seem quite intrusive and restrictive, there are reasons behind such decision making. If a country feels threatened thanks to its restrictive regime, there are some simple and efficient tips that ought to be applied. This is what China does, so as to serve its needs and allow the citizens to prosper in a tight environment.

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