When applying for a job, people share a lot of personal information. They write excellent cover letters and CVs. They even include a few references before sending the job applications.

This is all good until people forget to hide their social media accounts. Letting these accounts stay public is imprudent. Do you know why? Modern employers are head of time. They know how to search for their employees’ profiles on social media sites.

As much as looking up your profile is unethical, it is the newest trend among employers. If your profiles are open to the public, then you cannot stop others from viewing them. This being the digital era, the easiest way is to check you on social media. And since you are there like most people, finding you is easy and quick.

If you have shown too much personal stuff on your accounts, it is easy to know if you are lying. In case you are lying, chances are high you won’t get picked for the job you want.

The encouraging thing is that you can make your profile private. If you are searching for jobs, access your accounts’ security settings area. It will look different and unique for each site. So, use all methods you can find to hide your personal data.

This will be so beneficial to you when searching for job opportunities. When a nosy employer comes searching for you, they will find you. But, there will be little data to use for the verification process. This will make their plans futile.

Just lock down most of your privacy settings. After this, your most embarrassing moments will be invisible to the public. Maybe it will be wise to restrict the information only to yourself for the job search period. What if a recruitment officer sends a friendship request only to find more about you? Just be smart when dealing with new employers.

As much as using a Virtual Private Network like Hide.me is wise, it is not all. It will encrypt your network and hide your IP. But, it will not keep your old pictures private. If they are on your public social media profile, anyone could view them. This could ruin your opportunity to get a job with the best employers.

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