It is said that the electronic revolution of our days is able to bring to the lives of people bigger and bigger changes than those caused by corresponding technology. What is certain is that between these two revolutions the one that is transcended is the electronic one in one essential point that is no other than the development of technology has extended the physical strength of people, by offering him machines acquitted by heavy physical toil.

On the other hand, the electronic revolution beyond the physical strength is able to undermine the power of peoples’ minds, because it puts in their service thinking machines. In fact, sometimes we even come to the point that electronic machines are able in some cases to compete or even surpass humans.

There are many positive results of the specific electronic evolution and the most important of them is definitely computers and the evolution of the Internet. Computers weave a global information network with potential rapid collection and transmission of information.

In the developed countries the Internet is competing all of the traditional media, as it provides to the user populous information and the option to choose the same time, the type and source of the information. It is a fact that the TV channels and newspapers, in order to survive in modern conditions, are oriented to the offer of information through electronic networks.

So, computer becomes an online media that contains the functions of communication, information, entertainment and education. The most important of course is not that it just gathers the functions of the traditional media, but it extends them into admirable degree. In fact, in the field of the electronic communications, computers are not limited to what the phone used to offer us, but it enriches us with amazing possibilities.

The Internet is a really important feature that came into our lives and changed them 100 per cent. In some matters, it is sure that the information that you can find on the web about a specific matter that you are looking for, you may find a plethora of opinions, but there are matters that are not presented with neutrality.

When someone talks on the web about neutrality, he means a kind of a network that has the ability to facilitate the cyber move of the data without any regard to the content, of the application, of the web site or of the platform. So, the equal access to the web is the basic principle of net neutrality and anything that considered being a threat it results as a public outcry.

In simple words, net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers will promote a certain type of content and in this way they will make it easier to the people to have much faster access to their chosen websites and services. Unfortunately many companies are opposed to net neutrality and the only reason that they do that has to do with financial issues.

The largest flow of data cost more to them as they need to traffic through their networks and their equipment even more data. Besides that, it is quite often companies to charge more for a product or service. All users should support the neutrality of the internet and the reason is really simple.

The respective provider that someone uses will have the possibility of abuse the service that it offers by undermining the finding of one that will possibly be less expensive than other providers. So, this fact would make it difficult to others to search for other providers in the area.

All in all, from all the above it is sure that the last decision is yours and you are the only one who is able to decide about you. Think about net neutrality unaffected and it is sure that what you will decide will be the right one.

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